Chicago Med

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Season 7
You Can't Always Trust What You See
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 22, 2021
Halstead returns to Med to help Goodwin with a secret investigation. Archer and Charles deal with twins who insist on being identical inside and out. Stevie and Dylan treat a young patient with sickle cell anemia.
To Lean in, or to Let Go
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 29, 2021
Vanessa and Archer disagree on how to handle the victim of a motorcycle accident. Scott and Charles deal with a UNICEF negotiator with repressed trauma. Hammer and Halstead treat a high schooler with Addison's disease and a clingy mother.
Be the Change You Want to See
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 06, 2021
Scott and Will deal with a dishonest patient whose lupus is in remission. A wealthy donor makes inappropriate advances toward Stevie. Vanessa, Marcel and Daniel try to convince a young woman to have life-saving surgery.
Status Quo, aka the Mess We're In
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 13, 2021
Daniel helps Scott with a longtime patient who was recently diagnosed with schizophrenia. Stevie, Maggie and Vanessa investigate the legitimacy of a patient's cancer diagnosis. Crockett is caught off guard. Will pitches a new medical technology.
Change Is a Tough Pill to Swallow
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 20, 2021
Scott and Daniel treat patients suffering from glass child syndrome and misdiagnosed ADHD. Crockett has to navigate hospital politics when he cares for a surgeon's daughter. Will and Stevie must lay egos aside to help save an elderly patient.
When You're a Hammer Everything's a Nail
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 27, 2021
Stevie's worlds collide when her mother becomes her patient. Scott's history with the father of a patient interferes with his perception of a case. Crockett's allegiances are challenged when his patient's liver is a potential transplant match.
A Square Peg in a Round Hole
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 03, 2021
Marcel helps Blake replace a patient's liver. Taylor tries to prove herself. Will continues to pursue the truth about Cooper. Ethan gets closer to returning to life in the ED.
Just as a Snake Sheds Its Skin
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 10, 2021
Scott's loyalty to Med and the police department is challenged. The annual random drug testing puts a doctor's career in jeopardy. Choi tries a risky old-school method on a patient. Halstead helps Hammer search for her mother.
Secret Santa Has a Gift for You
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 08, 2021
The outcome of Halstead's investigation weighs heavily on his mind as he works with Scott to save an infant. Hammer and Taylor both struggle to keep their secrets. Marcel and Blake work with Abrams to save a patient in need of a liver transplant.
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished... in Chicago
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 05, 2022
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